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Funding Your Business ? Loan Financing Programs And Solutions That Match Your Needs

Posted by: Stan Prokop

Tired Of Wasting Shoe Leather On Business Financing?

Business Acquisition Financing. 3 Things You Never Should Forget In Funding Your Purchase

Posted by: Stan Prokop

There's several myths and things you should never forget when arranging and funding your purchase. This article will try and cover off 3 basics, and will strive to be fairly non technical in nature.

Changing How We Respond to Change

Posted by: Holly G. Green

Today’s ridiculously fast rate of change isn’t going to slow down; in fact, it’s only going to get faster. Here’s what you can do about it.

Canadian Business Financing . Learn From These Commercial Credit Mistakes!

Posted by: Stan Prokop

Securing financing improperly is one of the worst mistakes your business can make. it means structure and purpose of the financing. Learning from business failures !

Cash Flow Financing In Canada. Internal And External Debt And Hybrid Asset Finance

Posted by: Stan Prokop

Some types of what we call ‘hybrid’ finance could exist also as options for Canadian business. They are hybrid because they often take the form of a combination of debt and equity. Here are facts, concepts and insights into Canadian cash flow

Some Obvious Truth Around Business Acquisition Financing . 2 ( Other ) Things You Never Should Forget When Funding A Acquisition / Merger

Posted by: Stan Prokop

Do you need information on business acquisition financing in Canada? Learn about funding your merger and acquisition and not to overlook … the obvious!

Leasing Assets ? Got What It Takes For Financing Equipment With Your Lease Company . You Do Now!

Posted by: Stan Prokop

Selecting assets for your business is tough enough these days when it comes to technology, pricing, cost, etc. Knowing the bottom line and the actual financing cost and benefits of asset acquisition is what it is all about. This article will teach

AR Financing And Factoring . Don’t Be Hatin’ A New Way To Finance Receivables

Posted by: Stan Prokop

How do asset turnover and return on investment play a key role in the factoring decision? Do you know that there is a trade off in that they can now use the cash flow generated by the factoring transaction to grow and sell more? With this article,

Business Financing Challenges At The Fiscal Cliff ? Navigating Loan Interest Rates And Finance Capital Solutions

Posted by: Stan Prokop

How do you get 'fully funded' to operate or grow? This article can help you achieve business funding and more. A good start is understanding the difference between debt and equity.

Organize Your Day Around Winning

Posted by: Holly G. Green

Having trouble staying focused on winning? Asking one simple question each day can dramatically improve your ability to get the results you want.

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Practice Your Way to Winning in 2015

Posted by: Holly G. Green

Winning in business takes practice. Not just practicing any old

Are You Engaging to Win?

Posted by: Holly G. Green

It’s time for my annual update on employee engagement, and once again

Does Your Team Have the Sales DNA?

Posted by: Anthony Cole Training Group

DNA is a molecule called deoxyribonucleic acid, which contains the

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